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Our Philosophy

lesson picture Baywood Farms offers riding lessons in all English riding disciplines, focusing on Balance-Seat, and Hunt-Seat Equitation riding. We also offer instruction in Dressage. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced rider, we have a lesson program available to fit your needs, and all of our lessons are taught by instructors with years of riding and instruction experience. At Baywood Farms, we sincerely believe in teaching sound riding skills while developing horsemanship in our students. It is our belief that if we take the time to properly teach your child how to ride, we will create an equestrian for life. Besides, riding should be fun; and we try our best to make it that way for your child.

For lessons questions and requests please email: baywoodfarms@gmail.com

Beginner Rider Program
Our beginner rider programs focus on teaching sound fundamentals while emphasizing rider safety. It is our belief that mastering the fundamentals of riding will help build rider confidence, thus allowing the rider to advance their skills at a faster pace. Our beginner riders are taught in 60 minute private lessons until they are capable of controlling a horse or pony at the walk and trot. At this point, they are placed into a small group of similar age and riding skill for lessons. Riding in a group atmosphere encourages rider improvement through comparison and camaraderie, while establishing new friendships, often lasting a lifetime.

Rider Evaluation
Each new riding student must first sign-up for an evaluation ride with one of our instructors. We will then discuss your riding goals with you to help us determine the best riding program for you. We offer private and group lessons for both children and adults. Whether your goal is to become a better show rider, or simply improve your confidence in the saddle, we have a lesson program to help you achieve your goals. Each rider evaluation session lasts approximately 60 minutes, including grooming, tacking and untacking the horse.

Group Lessons
Our group lessons are arranged in 90 minute time blocks. This allows ample time for the students to get their assigned horse or pony from its stall, properly groom their mount and pick its hooves, and tack up prior to their lesson. We encourage teamwork in our riders. If your horse is being used in the lesson before yours, then help another student groom and tack their horse. We also provide an employee to assist in preparing our lesson horses. This makes it easier for the smaller students to tack their horses, while still teaching them proper horsemanship. It also means your child is supervised at all times, not just when riding in the ring. Unlike many other riding programs, our “in-saddle” time for our group lessons is a full 45 minutes. The size of our groups is limited to no more than four riders. This allows ample one-on-one time between each student and their instructor during the lesson. This is especially important if one rider needs a little more attention than the rest of their group. We then allot 15 minutes at the end of each lesson for the riders to untack and properly cool their horse, thus completing the 90 minute lesson time block.

Private Lessons
For those riders desiring one-on-one instruction, we also offer private riding lessons. Private lessons can be scheduled individually, or as a regularly scheduled riding appointment time. Private lessons are scheduled in 60 minute time blocks, which includes grooming, tacking, riding, and untacking.

Semi-private Lessons
We also offer semi-private riding lessons. These lessons are for maximum of 2 riders scheduled in 90 minute time blocks, which includes grooming, tacking, riding, and untacking.

Prices and Policies