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Prices and Policies

lesson photo Prices
Group Lesson (90 minute block)   $60
Semi-private Lesson (90 minute block)  $75
Private Lesson (60 minute block)  $80
Evaluation Ride (60 minute block)  $80
* our lesson prices as of April 2022

Lessons are scheduled by the month. Payment for lessons is due by the 25th of the previous month in order to guarantee your scheduled ride time. This allows us time to schedule any make-up rides for the upcoming month. A $3 daily late fee will apply to any lessons not paid for by the 25th of the preceding month.

Cancellation Policy
We require a minimum 24 hour notice to cancel a lesson. If 24 hour notice is given, the lesson may be made up by riding in another scheduled lesson time. Students have two months to complete a make-up ride, or the lesson will be forfeited. You may not apply make-ups toward payment of future scheduled lessons.

Riding Attire
We provide SEI / ASTM approved riding helmets to students during their first month of lessons. After riding with us for a month, we require students to purchase their own riding helmet. Hard soled shoes with a small heel, or riding boots must be worn for all lessons. While riding breeches are recommended, stretch pants will suffice for beginner riders.
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